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User:Pytony/Home Server Journey

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Completed Day 6
=== Day 6 ===
Reboot... And... it worked :DExcept that I forgot to setup my keymap and I had to type my password in qwerty while my keyboard is azerty. :P I ran into troubles installing samba server. I didn't know if I should user <code>security = user</code> or <code>security = share</code>. Default was <code>user</code> (as well as most docs) but all docs mentioned <code>smbpasswd</code> utility to create new users, which was not provided by portage. Using <code>share</code> I could use smbclient to login but was unable to mount CIFS partitions. Finally, I figured out <code>security=share</code> was deprecated, so I duckducked "gentoo smbpassword" and found I had to use <code>pdbedit</code> rather than <code>smbpasswd</code>. Now it works fine.

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