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Today I tried to figure out how to control the fans. Unfortunately I could not find how to set fan speed from <code>sysfs</code>. On my other computer, I can do it within <code>/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm[1-3]</code>. Unfortunately I have no such file available on the sysfs of my server. Maybe a missing configuration in the kernel, but this is the default debian-sources configuration. I would rather say my motherboard do not provide such interface to the OS. In the BIOS, I can configure the fans speed (from level 1 to level 9) but not turn them off. :/
I monitored the temperature in normal usage and full CPU usage. With both fans at lowest speed level, the CPUs temperature stays between 30 and 40°C. When running a compilation that requires all processors working at 100%, the temperature rarely raises above 50°C. So I think I can I can remove both fans. I will try to do so, and keep monitoring the temperature.

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