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Funtoo Compute Initiative

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Reference Hardware
The hardware that the Funtoo Project has used for its last two server deployments are documented below:
# {{TableStart}}<tr><th>Component</th><th>Description</th><th>Cost</th><th>Alternatives</th></tr><tr><td>HP Proliant DL 160 Generation 6 (G6), with 48GB RAM and two 6-core [ Intel Xeon x5650] (2.66 GHz processors</td><td>1U HP server, Intel Westmere) processors (25 CPUs, 24 CPU threads total.) Cost: Approx </td><td>'''$750 USD ''' (used (, off-lease, eBay) on eBay'''## Alternatives: </td><td>HP DL 360 G7 -- search eBay for the best off-lease options.</td></tr># <tr><td>Crucial MX200 1TB Solid State Disk. Cost: SSD</td><td>Root filesystem and container storage</td><td>Approx '''$330USD'''.## Alternate disk configuration: Use </td><td>Consider a 256GB SSD system disk for the boot, root ,swap and a second 1TB disk that is SSD for dedicated to OpenVZ containers.container use</td></tr># 1 tube of high-quality thermal grease{{TableEnd}}
The above hardware allows you to build a 1U, 12-core, 24-thread, 48GB compute platform with 1TB of SSD storage for right around $1100.  {{Important|Once receiving the off-lease server, it's recommended that you remove the CPU heat sinks, clean them and the CPU contact surface with alcohol cleaning pads, and re-apply high-quality thermal grease. Based on my experience, the OEM thermal grease on off-lease servers is often in need of re-application and this will help keep core temperatures well within a safe rangewhen the server is deployed.}}
=== Hardware Deployment and Initial Setup ===
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