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Initial Network Configuration
==== Initial Network Configuration ====
Now, to configure the network. As described in our summary above, we are going to create two bridges -- one for outgoing Internet traffic, and one for internal traffic. In this example, we are going to assign a routeable and private IP address to each bridge, respectively. This will allow you to also directly reach the OpenVZ host via the Internet as well as via a private IP when connecting to the LAN. Note that containers will use {{f|veth}} networking, which is more flexible than OpenVZ's typical {{f|venet}} networking. However, it does allow containers to make full use of the network interface, so it's recommended that each interface is "locked own" to only be able to use the container's IP, for example. We will cover the iptables rules for this later. For now, let's just get the interfaces set up.
In the example configuration below, {{c|net.brwan}} is going to be our WAN, or "Internet-connected" bridge. We will use the physical interface {{c|eth0}} as our WAN interface, which will get plugged into a WAN router. Set the bridge up as follows:
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