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Virtual Packages

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This kind of virtuals is to allow switching between multiple providers of a library. However, virtual can only be used when the various providers provide ABI-compatible variants of the same library.
Virtual ebuild should have a separate version at least for every ABI version of the library. The ebuilds should have appropriate subslots and depend on respective subslots or versions of the provider that provide the library with necessary ABI. For example, <code>virtual/libfoo-1 </code> depends on specific versions of libfoo providers that provide, while virtual/libfoo-2 depends on versions providing This guarantees that the reverse dependencies of the virtual will be rebuilt when the underlying library is upgraded. ===Kernels=== Example: virtual/linux-sources This kind of virtual contains a list of linux kernel sources ebuilds, normally found in <code>sys-kernel/*-sources</code>. A rationale behind this virtual is following:Certain packages (such as 3-rd-party modules), during configuration, compilation or runtime expects that linux kernel sources exist on a target machine.

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