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Rootfs over encrypted lvm

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== Prepare the hard drive and partitions ==
This is an example (and simple) partition scheme, you . You may want to choose differently.<code>/dev/sda1</code> used as <code>/boot</code>. <code>/dev/sda2</code> will be encrypted drive with LVM.
* <code>/dev/sda1</code> -- <code>/boot</code> partition.
* <code>/dev/sda2</code> -- BIOS boot partition (not needed for MBR - Note: this is only needed required if you are using GPT) This step required booting via EFI, or for booting with GRUB2. For more info, see: [] for more information on GPT and MBR. )
* <code>/dev/sda3</code> -- <code>/</code> partition, will be the drive with LUKS and LVM.
== Kernel options ==
{{fancynote| This part is particularly important: pay close attention. }}<br>
Note: If you are using debian-sources as included in mid-May 2015 and later Funtoo stages, you do <em>not</em> need to rebuild the kernel. The following instructions are for other kernels that you may choose to install.
= Initramfs setup and configuration =
== Better-initramfs ==
{{fancynote| As of August 2016, better-initramfs is not required with debian-sources as included in current Funtoo stages. Unless you are doing something not with debian-sources as comes with the Funtoo stage, you can safely skip to the section on editing <code>/etc/boot.conf</code>.}}
'''Build your initramfs with [ better-initramfs] project.'''

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