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Very likely, you don't need to enable multiple python ABIs for qtile. To make your mind, here are the few things to know to choose the right ABI:
* Python 2.7 uses [[Package:Trollius|trollius]], Python >=3.3 4 uses [[Package:Asyncio|asyncio]], Python 3.4 has asyncio (which is now built-in).* GoogleCalendar and Wlan widgets depend widget depends on packages that are python 2.7 only. If you plan to use one of these widgetsthis widget, use python 2.7 ABItarget.
Once you've emerged qtile with the useflags and python ABI target of your choice, you can skip to [[#Getting Started]] if you use a [[:Category:Display_Managers|display manager]]. The following lines describe how to use qtile with [[Pacakge:Xinit|Xinit]].
In order to run qtile with xinit, add this line to your <code>~/.xinitrc</code>:
{{tip|As far as possible, when a default behavior is explained, a link to the related configuration snippet is given so that you can get more information and tweak it as you want.}}
When Qtile is run and no valid configuration file is found, it fallsback fallbacks to [ the default configuration]. So, the first time you run qtile, you should be welcomed with a black background and [ a bottom bar]. On the left of this bottom bar, stands the list of your workspaces [ represented by the characters 'a', 's', 'd', 'f', 'u', 'i', 'o', 'p']. On the right of the bottom bar, you should see [ "default config" followed by the date and time].
You can press [ <code>Mod4 + r</code> to open a prompt box], then type a program name to launch it. You can also [ run xterm with the shortcut <code>Mod4 + Return</code>]. To [ close a window, press <code>Mod4 + w</code>].
Workspaces are highlighted in [ L153 white font] when windows are opened in them (against [ L154 gray font] when it contains no window). The current workspace is [ L169 surrounded with a blue border], if you have multiple screens, workspaces currently displayed in other screens are [ L174 surrounded with a gray border]. You can [ go to a given workspace pressing <code>Mod4 + <workspace ID></code>] (a, s, d, f, u, i, o or p by default). If you go to a workspace that is already displayed in another screen, workspaces will be swapped. You can [ move the current window to a given workspace pressing <code>Mod4 + Shift + <workspace ID></code>].
== Configuration ==
$##i## mkdir -p ~/.config/qtile
$##i## wget -O ~/.config/qtile/
$##i## vim ~/.config/qtile/
{{warning|Don't forget to replace "v0.910.16" with the version you installed or it may not work.}}
=== Customize bars ===

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