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Raspberry Pi

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== News =={{Note: See [[News|Summary=We now have builds that are optimized for various :New Raspberry Pi and ODROID systems.|News Format=Extended|News Category=General|Author=Drobbins|Publication Status=Published|Publication Date=2017/01/02|Icon=File:RaspberryPi2.jpegBuilds]]}} Funtoo Linux now has builds that are specifically optimized for the following systems, in addition to 'generic' optimized ARM builds:
* [[Raspberry Pi (Version 1)]] - Raspberry Pi 1 Model B, Model A, Model B+, Model A+, Compute Module, Raspberry Pi Zero.
* [[Raspberry Pi (Version 3)]] - Raspberry Pi 2 Model B version 1.2 (Oct 2016) and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
* [[ODROID-XU4]] - [ ODROID-XU4] board from ODROID.
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