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Project Skeleton
{{Note}} Zope should be run by a regular user account, not as the root user.
The first step in using Zope is to ensure that you are using a regular user account. Create a new directory called ''<tt>zope_test</tt>'':
$##bl## cd
Now that Zope is running, you can visit ''<tt>localhost:8080</tt>'' in your Web browser. You will see a nice introductory page to Zope.
If you now go to the ''<tt>localhost:8080/manage</tt>'' URL, you will be prompted to log in. Enter the username and password you specified. You are now logged in to the ZMI (Zope Management Interface.)
You can stop your application by pressing Control-C. In the future, you can start and stop your Zope instance using the following commands:
{{Note}} ''<tt>zopectl start</tt>'' will cause your instance to run in the background rather than consuming a shell console.
== First Project ==
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