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Funtoo Linux First Steps

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Then there's a list of automatically-enabled profiles. This shows you any profiles that are pulled in by the main profiles and mix-ins that are already enabled. As you can see, the ''print'', ''X'', ''audio'', ''dvd'', ''media'' and ''console-extras'' have been enabled, likely by the ''desktop'' flavor.
For now, it is not necessary to get too deep into profiles, but if you are creating a desktop system, I suggest you set the ''desktop'' flavor. To do this, type <tt>eselect profile list</tt> and find the number to the left of <tt>funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/flavor/desktop</tt>. Then, type the following command as the root user:
# ##i##eselect profile set-flavor 99
(Replace "99" with the number from the list)
You will now have the ''desktop'' flavor set for your system. Type <tt>eselect profile show</tt> to see your new settings.
=== Updating your system ===
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