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Configure and Build Xen Dom0 Kernel
== Configure and Build Xen Dom0 Kernel ==
###i## emerge gentoo-sources###i## cd /usr/src/linux###i## make menuconfig
These settings are current as of 3.2.1-gentoo-r2, other versions may vary:
 {{kernelop| <br> |<pre>
General setup --->
<*> Kernel .config support
[*] Use ext4 for ext2/ext3 file systems (NEW)
[*] Ext4 extended attributes (NEW)
</pre>}}* {{Fancyimportant|Don't forget to add the required drivers for your networking and sata cards* . If you use RAID, make sure to add the correct CONFIG_MD_RAID* entries to your config.}}
If you experience issues with connecting to the console ensure the module "xen_gntdev" (userspace grant access device driver) is loaded before the xenconsoled process is started (you may have to restart it after loading the module).
== Configuring Grub ==
Work has been completed to automatically enable Xen Grub entries, so after you copy your dom0 kernel edit your /etc/boot.conf as follows:
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