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Funtoo Linux First Steps

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Intro to Emerge: Installing an Editor
By default, Funtoo Linux has the {{c|nano}} and {{c|vi}} editors installed. {{c|nano}} is the default editor.
If you are new to Funtoo Linux, you have probably heard about {{c|[[emerge]]}}, the Funtoo and Gentoo Linux command for installing packages from the Portage tree. Funtoo Linux has a git-based Portage tree, which is located at {{f|/usrvar/portagegit/meta-repo}} by default. It contains scripts called ''ebuilds'' that describe how to build and install packages from source. {{c|emerge}} is used to run these scripts and install packages, as follows:</translate>
It is possible to enable USE variables globally in {{f|/etc/portage/make.conf}}, on a per-package basis in {{f|/etc/portage/package.use}}, or as logical sets by using [[Funtoo Profiles]]. It's recommended that you first take a look at [[Funtoo Profiles]] and see if there may be sets of USE variables that you want to enable as a group. You can set your system ''flavor'' to more accurately reflect the intended use of your Funtoo system, and by doing so, many more USE variables will be set (or unset) to reasonable defaults for your intended use.
These USE variables can be set globally by adding a line such as this to {{f|/etc/portage/make.conf}}:
{{c|-u}} tells {{c|emerge}} to update any already-installed but out-of-date packages that we specify on the command-line. The {{c|-D}} option tells {{c|emerge}} to perform a ''deep'' dependency tree graph, so it will include sub-dependencies of packages that we have specified on the command line as well. This allows {{c|emerge}} to perform as thorough an update of your system as possible.
The {{c|-N}} ({{c|--newuse}}) option tells Portage to check for any new USE flags that have been enabled or disabled, and rebuild packages so that all USE flags are set as currently defined in [[Funtoo Profiles]], {{f|/etc/portage/make.conf}} and {{f|/etc/portage/package.use}}.
<tt>world</tt> is a "meta-package" or "package set" which includes every package that you have manually installed plus all packages in the system set. If you want to see a list of all these packages, look at {{f|/var/lib/portage/world}}:

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