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# [[#Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage|Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage]].
# [[#Configuration du système|Configuration du système]] et [[#Configuration du réseau|réseau]].
# [[#configuration et installation du Installation d'un noyau Linux|Installation d'un noyau]].
# [[#Installation du gestionnaire d'amorçage|Installation du gestionnaire d'amorçage]].
# [[#Étapes de finalisation|Complétion de l'installation]].
Congratulations! You are now chrooted inside a Funtoo Linux system. Now it's time to get Funtoo Linux properly configured so that Funtoo Linux will start successfully, without any manual assistance, when your system is restarted.=== Downloading the Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage tree ===
{{note|For an alternative way to do this, see [[Installing Portage From Snapshot]].}}
If a version is listed under {{c|Latest version installed}}, then debian-sources is already pre-built for you and you can skip the rest of the Kernel section, and proceed to the [[#Installing a Bootloader|Installing a Bootloader section]].
==== Construction Configuration et installation du noyau ====
If you need to build a kernel for Funtoo Linux, please follow these steps:
==== Définition du mot de passe de l'administrateur ====
=== Redémarrage du système ===
Now is the time to leave chroot, to unmount Funtoo Linux partitions and files and to restart your computer. When you restart, the GRUB boot loader will start, load the Linux kernel and initramfs, and your system will begin booting.

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