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# [[#Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage|Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage]].
# [[#Configuration du système|Configuration du système]] et [[#Configuration du réseau|réseau]].
# [[#configuration et installation du Installation d'un noyau Linux|Installation d'un noyau]].
# [[#Installation du gestionnaire d'amorçage|Installation du gestionnaire d'amorçage]].
# [[#Étapes de finalisation|Complétion de l'installation]].
Congratulations! You are now chrooted inside a Funtoo Linux system. Now it's time to get Funtoo Linux properly configured so that Funtoo Linux will start successfully, without any manual assistance, when your system is restarted.=== Downloading the Téléchargement de l'arbre Portage tree ===
{{note|For an alternative way to do this, see [[Installing Portage From Snapshot]].}}
If a version is listed under {{c|Latest version installed}}, then debian-sources is already pre-built for you and you can skip the rest of the Kernel section, and proceed to the [[#Installing a Bootloader|Installing a Bootloader section]].
==== Construction Configuration et installation du noyau ====
If you need to build a kernel for Funtoo Linux, please follow these steps:

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