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IPv6 Networking

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Using Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses
* Interface ID: Host interface ID as defined in [ RFC 3513]
{{FancynoteNote| Just like with private IPv4 addresses, an IPv6 router must not route a unique local IPv6 unicast address outside the organization local network.}}
==== ICMPv6 ====
While this mechanism is officially called Teredo, the implementation of the Teredo service we will be using is called Miredo.
{{FancynoteNote| {{Package|net-misc/miredo}} is currently keyworded unstable. If you are running stable Funtoo, you may want to put an entry into your package.keywords/package.accept_keywords file.}}
Emerge <tt>net-misc/miredo</tt> and start it up (you can add it to your default runlevel if you wish):
{{FancynoteNote| Miredo requires <code>CONFIG_TUN</code> enabled in your kernel. If it is compiled as a module, ensure the <tt>tun</tt> module is loaded.}}
If all goes well, you can check the assignment of an IPv6 address using <tt>/sbin/ip</tt>, for example:
ip tunnel del $interface
Then add the following line to <tt>/etc/conf.d/netif.6to4</tt>:
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