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Creating Your Own Meta-Repo and Kits

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Developer Q&A
; I want to generate a new kit branch that uses much newer ebuilds from Gentoo or from an upstream repo.: First, define a new entry in {{c|kit_source_defs}} that contains the collection of overlays and repos you want to use as sources. Specify the SHA1 commits you want to use for each repo (or don't specify one to use master.) Then, you will want to add a new kit definition to {{c|kit_groups}}, in the "prime" section.
; I want to include a package in Funtoo, but move it to a new name.: To do this, use the "literal with package move" format in the package set (see section on [[#Package SetsSet Format]], above). You can also use files in {{f|kit_fixups/move-maps/kitname}} or {{f|kit_fixups/move-maps/global}} (info in a note below the Package Set syntax section.).
{{Important|Be sure to stop by {{c|#funtoo-dev}} on if you need further assistance! We are here to help.}}
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