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Creating Your Own Meta-Repo and Kits

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Package Set Format
catpkgs in the skip list -- no patterns or other special matches are supported.}}
==== Package Moves ==== {{Note|The "literal with move" option is a new feature, described below. It allows you to insert an inline package }} The "literal with move within your " package setsyntax described above is one way to tell the merge scripts to copy a catpkg from a source location but give it a new catpkg name.  If the old package name is found, it will be copied over as the new name. If the old name is not found, but the new name is found, the new name will be copied over as the new name.  You can also specify package moves by creating a file called {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/kitname}} containing the same "literal with move" syntax. Global move maps can be placed in {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/global}}. Also note that {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/nokit}} or {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/global}} is the only way to perform funtoo package moves for nokit. I recommend using the "global" method since it will still automatically work if someone else moves your package into a kit.}} The difference between the "inline" (inside a package-set) and the "out-of-band" (in the {{f|move-maps/}} directory method is that the first method adds both the old and the new catpkg name to the package set. The second method provides package move information that will apply only if the catpkg happens to be part of the package-set.  If you need to just rename a single package in a kit, it's fine to use the inline method. For more capability, {{f|move-maps/}} are your friend. They're more powerful because a move-map specified with {{f|move-maps/}} will also apply to any special wildcard package-set matches via {{c|@regex@}}, etc, whereas the inline method is limited by design. Also, the out-of-band method allows you to perform package moves on catpkgs in nokit.
=== Package Sets -- Putting It All Together ===
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