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{{Note|Use this method if you are interested in booting using UEFI, and if your System Rescue CD initial boot menu was black and white. If it was light blue, this method will not work.}}
The {{c|gdisk}} commands to create a 명령어는 아래처럼 GPT partition table are as follows파티션 테이블을 만듭니다. Adapt sizes as necessary아래 값들이 대부분의 사용자에게 작동할 것입니다만, although these defaults will work for most users필요에 따라 용량을 조정하세요. Start {{c|gdisk}}:를 실행합니다.
{{console|body=###i## gdisk /dev/sda}}
Within {{c|gdisk}}, follow these steps:

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