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Funtoo Compute Initiative

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This page documents our first-generation compute infrastructure. Our second-generation compute infrastructure has not yet been documented on the wiki.}}
For many years, the Funtoo project has been using Funtoo Linux for its entire infrastructure. A few years ago, we began to allow Funtoo Linux users to use our original [ OpenVZ-based] infrastructure for hosting, development and other projects, which you can learn more about at [[Funtoo Hosting]].
The '''Funtoo Compute Initiative''' is an effort to document how Funtoo sets up servers and its container infrastructure, including everything from ordering of bare metal, to deployment, operation and maintenance. In short, it's our effort to share all our tricks with you, so you can use Funtoo Linux to quickly and inexpensively deploy very powerful hosting and container-based compute solutions.
The platform that we will deploy uses Funtoo Linux in conjunction with OpenVZ, which allows the creation of hundreds of native-speed containers that run Funtoo Linux or other Linux-based operating systems. Containers are like virtual machines, except that they run at native speed and there is a single kernel per server, rather than a kernel for each virtual machine. Containers can run any operating system -- as long as it's Linux. In addition, OpenVZ containers are now capable of running '''Docker'''.
=== Reference Hardware ===
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