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<includeonly>== Introduction == <!--T:1--></includeonly><noinclude><languages/>=== Install Guide: Introduction === <noinclude!--T:8--></noinclude>{{InstallNavigationconsole|numbody=0|next=Download LiveCD# ##i##Welcome to Funtoo Linux!}} </noinclude></noinclude!--T:9--> Welcome to Funtoo Linux! This document was written to help you install Funtoo Linux on PC-compatible systems, while keeping distracting options regarding system configuration to a minimum.
If you've had previous experience installing Gentoo Linux then a lot of steps will be familiar, but you should still read through as there are a few differences. If you're new to installing a Gentoo-based Linux, or new to Linux entirely -- welcome! We have attempted to make these installation instructions understandable to new users as well.
<!--T:310-->{{NoteTip|If you are installing We now offer direct deployment of [ Funtoo Linux on [[in Amazon Web Services]. This is a useful option for those who wish to take advantage of AWS or deploy Funtoo Linux Installation on ARM|ARM]] architecture, please see automatically. [[Amazon EC2 Launch|A tutorial-style guide on how to use AWS with Funtoo Linux Installation on ARMis available.]] for notable differences regarding ARM support. }}
== Installation Overview == <!--T:411--> {{Note|To familiarize yourself with the latest changes in Funtoo Linux, [[Release Notes/1.3-release|Release Notes for Funtoo Linux 1.3]] are available.}}
{{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|Install/Introduction|{{Tip|We also offer the ability to [[Install|view the install instructions]] as a single page, suitable for printing.}}|{{Tip|We now offer the ability to {{Install|1=read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section}}. Online users may find this more convenient.}}}}=== Installation Overview === <!--T:56--><includeonly>This is a basic overview of the Funtoo installation process:</includeonly><noinclude>This is a basic overview of the Funtoo Linux installation process. Note that if you are using the section-by-section documentation, the links below won't work. Instead, use the "Next" link above to proceed to each successive section. [[Install|Click here to view the entire Install Guide on a single page]], suitable for printing.</noinclude>
<!--T:612--># [[#Live CDInstall/Download_LiveCD|Download and boot the live CD of your choice]].# [[#Prepare Hard DiskInstall/Prepare_Disk|Prepare your disk]].# [[Install/MBR_Partitioning|MBR Partitioning]].# [[Install/GPT_Partitioning|GPT Partitioning]].#Creating filesystems[[Install/Creating_Filesystems|Create]] and [[#Mounting filesystemsInstall/Mounting_Filesystems|mount]] filesystems.# [[Install/Setting_the_Date|Setting the Date]].#Installing the Stage 3 tarball[[Install/Download_and_Extract_Stage3|Install the Funtoo stage tarball]] of your choice.# [[#Install/Chroot into Funtoo|Chroot into your new system]].# [[#Downloading the Portage treeInstall/Download_Portage_Tree|Download the Portage tree]].# [[#Configuring your systemInstall/Configuration_Files|Configure your system]] and .# [[#Configuring your networkInstall/Introducing_Portage|networkIntroducing Portage]].# [[#Install/Kernel|Install a kernel]].# [[#Installing a Install/Bootloader|Install a bootloader]].# [[Install/Network|Configure the Network]].#[[Install/Finishing Steps|Complete final steps]].# [[#Restart your systemInstall/Profiles|Reboot and enjoyProfile Configuration]]. <includeonly>{{Important|We now offer the ability to {{# [[Install/Done|1=read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section}}. Online users may find this more convenient.}}</includeonly>All Done! Enjoy!]]
<noinclude>{{InstallNavigation|num=0|next=Download LiveCD|align=right}}</noinclude>
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