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Install/Download and Extract Stage3

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###i## gcc -march=native -Q --help=target | grep march
The [[Subarches]] page lists all CPU-optimized versions of Funtoo Linux. Find the one that is appropriate for the type of CPU that your system has, and then click on its name in the first column (such as {{c|corei7}}, for example.) You will then go to a page dedicated to that subarch, and the stage3s available for download will be listed. If you are using a virtualization technology to run Funtoo Linux, and your VM may migrate to different types of hardware, then it's recommended that you use a stage3 that is optimized for the oldest CPU instruction set that your VM will run on, or a generic image if it may run on both AMD and Intel processors.
''Pick {{c|funtoo1.2-currentrelease-std}}.''This is release 1.2 of Funtoo Linux, our current release. 1.3-release-std is an '''ALPHA''' current in development.
==== Which Variant? ==== <!--T:8-->
If you're not sure, pick {{c|standardcompatible}}.
Our "regular" stage3's are listed with a variant of {{c|standardcompatible}}. The following variant builds are available:
<tr><td>{{c|standardcompatible}}</td><td>The "standard" version of Funtoo Linux, which will support both 32-bit and 64-bit code (on 64-bit systems.)</td></tr><tr><td>{{c|pure64}}</td><td>A 64-bit build that drops multilib (32-bit compatibility) support. ''Can be ideal for server systems.''</td></tr>
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