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FAQ:What Are Funtoo Kits

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As you can see, it is all in one repository. Typically, users will utilize ''overlays'' with their Portage tree, either by adding them manually or using a tool like {{c|layman}}. We'll represent a Portage tree along with enabled overlays as follows:
In a Portage tree with overlays, the overlays may ''augment'' certain catpkgs (cat/pkg entries) by providing additional ebuilds. Thus, above, we may have sys-foo/bar-1.0 in the monolithic repository, and sys-foo/bar-1.1 and sys-foo/bar-1.2 in overlay 1 and 2 respectively. A user will see the full set of available ebuilds -- 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.
One important thing to note about kits is that each one is designed to work with the other. There will be no overlapping catpkg entries between kits, so a catpkg in a set of kits will only appear in '''one''' kit, not more than one.
There are two related questions related to kits that are often asked. First, do kits slow Portage down? No, in fact I created a patch for Portage so that kits do not slow Portage down at all compared to a monolithic Portage repository/tree. These patches have now been incorporated upstream in Gentoo Linux as well.
As we continue our work with kits, we plan to make Portage more modular and flexible for users. We also tag each kit with a stability rating, indicating it suitability for production use.
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