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= Configuring Metro = <!--T:28-->
{{Note|Metro is not currently able to build Gentoo stages. See {{Bug|FL-901}}.}}
[[User:Drobbins|Daniel Robbins]] maintains Metro, so it comes pre-configured to successfully build Funtoo Linux releases. Before reading further, you might want to customize some basic settings like the number of concurrent jobs to fit your hardware's capabilities or the directory to use for produced stage archives. This is accomplished by editing {{c|~/.metro}} which is the Metro's master configuration file.
Please note that {{c|path/install}} must point to where metro was installed. Point {{c|path/distfiles}} to where your distfiles reside. Also set {{c|path/mirror/owner}} and {{c|path/mirror/group}} to the owner and group of all the files that will be written to the build repository directory, which by default (as per the configuration file) is at {{c|/home/mirror/funtoo}}. The cache directory normally resides inside the temp directory -- this can be modified as desired. The cache directory can end up holding many cached .tbz2 packages, and eat up a lot of storage. You may want to place the temp directory on faster storage, for faster compile times, and place the cache directory on slower, but more plentiful storage.
{{file|name=.metro|desc=Metro configuration|body=
# Main metro configuration file - these settings need to be tailored to your install:
[section path]
install: /root/metro
tmp: /var/tmp/metro
cache: $[path/tmp]/cache
distfiles: /var/src/distfiles
work: $[path/tmp]/work/$[target/build]/$[target/name]
[section path/mirror]
: /home/mirror/funtoo
owner: root
group: repomgr
dirmode: 775
[section portage]
[section emerge]
options: --jobs=4 --load-average=4 --keep-going=n
# This line should not be modified:
[collect $[path/install]/etc/master.conf]
== Arch and Subarch == <!--T:41-->
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