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You may wish to use the new [[Metro/AutoSetup|autosetup]] script which uses a curses based menu and allows for quickly setting up and running builds base on your choices without requiring any manual steps. Please see the [[Metro AutoSetup]] page for more details.
= Build your own tailored stage3 = <!--T:70-->
Metro can be easily configured for building custom stage3 by including additional packages. You can find following directory {{c|/etc/builds/packages}} in your copy of metro repository and a corresponding {{c|arch}} configuration files inside:
[section emerge]
packages: [
Notice a {{c|debian-sources}} ebuild is added for all 64-bit stages. Modify the file to include (or exclude in case Funtoo add additional) packages of your choice. They will be included in your custom stage3 portage's world file.
= Building Gentoo stages = <!--T:98-->
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