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Created page with "{{InstallNavigation|num=0|next=Download LiveCD}}</noinclude> 这份文档可以帮助您在PC系统上安装Funtoo Linux,同时将系统配置工作降至最低。"
{{InstallNavigation|num=0|next=Download LiveCD}}</noinclude>
This document was written to help you install Funtoo Linux on PC-compatible systems, while keeping distracting options regarding system configuration to a minimum.这份文档可以帮助您在PC系统上安装Funtoo Linux,同时将系统配置工作降至最低。
If you've had previous experience installing Gentoo Linux then a lot of steps will be familiar, but you should still read through as there are a few differences. If you're new to installing a Gentoo-based Linux, or new to Linux entirely -- welcome! We have attempted to make these installation instructions understandable to new users as well.

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