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{{Note|To familiarize yourself with the latest changes in Funtoo Linux, [[Release Notes/1.3-release|Release Notes for Funtoo Linux 1.3]] are available.}}
{{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|Install/Introduction|{{Tip|We also offer the ability to [[Install|view the install instructions]] as a single page, suitable for printing.}}
|{{Tip|We now offer the ability to {{Install|1=read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section}}. Online users may find this more convenient.}}}}
# [[Install/Network|Configure the Network]].
# [[Install/Finishing|Complete final steps]].
# [[Install/Profiles|After installed, the ProfilesProfile Configuration]].# [[Install/Done|All Done!, Enjoy!]].}}
<noinclude>{{InstallNavigation|num=0|next=Download LiveCD|align=right}}</noinclude>
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