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这份文档可以帮助您在PC系统上安装Funtoo Linux,同时将系统配置工作降至最低。
Welcome to Funtoo Linux! This document was written to help you install Funtoo Linux on PC-compatible systems, while keeping distracting options regarding system configuration to a minimum.
如果您之前有过安装Gentoo Linux的经验,您将对Funtoo的很多安装步骤感到熟悉,但是您仍然需要仔细阅读本文档,因为两者还是有一些不同之处。如果您是安装Gentoo系列Linux的新手,或者甚至是Linux的新手——欢迎!我们尝试让所有的新用户能够理解本安装指南。
{{NoteTip|如果您要在 [We now offer direct deployment of [ Funtoo Linux Installation on ARM|ARMin Amazon Web Services]] 架构上安装Funtoo Linux,请参看. This is a useful option for those who wish to take advantage of AWS or deploy Funtoo Linux automatically. [[Amazon EC2 Launch|A tutorial-style guide on how to use AWS with Funtoo Linux Installation on ARMis available.]] 来查阅那些为了支持ARM架构而导致的显著区别。}}
=== 安装概览 === {{Note|To familiarize yourself with the latest changes in Funtoo Linux, [[Release Notes/1.3-release|Release Notes for Funtoo Linux 1.3]] are available.}}
<includeonly>这是Funtoo安装流程的一个基本概览{{#ifeq:<{{PAGENAME}}|Install/includeonly><noinclude>这是Funtoo安装流程的一个基本概览。 要注意,如果您在使用分章节的文档,下面的这些链接将不起作用,作为替代,您需要使用每个页面上方的“下一步”按钮来导航到下一章节。Introduction|{{Tip|We also offer the ability to [[Install|点击这里来查看单页面的安装指南view the install instructions]],它适合被打印。</noinclude>as a single page, suitable for printing.}}|{{Tip|We now offer the ability to {{Install|1=read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section}}. Online users may find this more convenient.}}}}=== Installation Overview ===This is a basic overview of the Funtoo installation process:
# [[#Live CDInstall/Download_LiveCD|Download and boot the live CD of your choice]].# [[#Prepare Hard DiskInstall/Prepare_Disk|Prepare your disk]].# [[Install/MBR_Partitioning|MBR Partitioning]].#Creating filesystems[[Install/GPT_Partitioning|GPT Partitioning]].# [[Install/Creating_Filesystems|Create]] and [[#Mounting filesystemsInstall/Mounting_Filesystems|mount]] filesystems.# [[Install/Setting_the_Date|Setting the Date]].#Installing the Stage 3 tarball[[Install/Download_and_Extract_Stage3|Install the Funtoo stage tarball]] of your choice.# [[#Install/Chroot into Funtoo|Chroot into your new system]].# [[#Downloading the Portage treeInstall/Download_Portage_Tree|Download the Portage tree]].# [[#Configuring your systemInstall/Configuration_Files|Configure your system]] and .# [[#Configuring your networkInstall/Introducing_Portage|networkIntroducing Portage]].# [[#Install/Kernel|Install a kernel]].# [[#Installing a Install/Bootloader|Install a bootloader]].# [[Install/Network|Configure the Network]].#[[Install/Finishing Steps|Complete final steps]].# [[Install/Profiles|Profile Configuration]].#Restart your system[[Install/Done|Reboot and enjoyAll Done! Enjoy!]]. <includeonlynoinclude>{{ImportantInstallNavigation|num=0|We now offer the ability to {{Installnext=Download LiveCD|1align=read and browse the Install Guide section-by-section}}. Online users may find this more convenient.right}}</includeonlynoinclude>

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