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UEFI Install Guide

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Configuring GRUB
Note the <tt>search</tt> line where it says '''<tt>__REPLACE_UUID_OF_SDA1__</tt>''' above. You will need to run '''<tt>blkid /dev/sda1</tt> ''' and use the UUID value that is displayed. For example, on my system, I need to use '''<tt>C34B-19CF</tt>'''. You can also change the <tt>menuentry</tt> line text in quotes to say whatever you want, and the <tt>linux</tt> and <tt>initrd</tt> lines should reference your kernel versions in <tt>/boot</tt>. As above, use the path <tt>/</tt> instead of <tt>/boot</tt> as the path should be relative to the root of the VFAT filesystem.
== Known Issues ==

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