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UEFI Install Guide

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Configuring GRUB
OK, now UEFI has the GRUB image it needs to boot. But we still need to configure GRUB itself so it finds and boots your kernel and initramfs. This is done by performing the following steps. Since boot-update doesn't yet support UEFI, we will not use boot-update directly and will create a <tt>/boot/grub/grub.cfg</tt> file manually that looks like this:
set timeout=3
set gfxmode=auto
set default=0
Note the <tt>search</tt> line where it says '''<tt>__REPLACE_UUID_OF_SDA1__</tt>''' above. You will need to run '''<tt>blkid /dev/sda1</tt>''' and use the UUID value that is displayed. For example, on my system, I need to use '''<tt>C34B-19CF</tt>'''. You can also change the <tt>menuentry</tt> line text in quotes to say whatever you want, and the <tt>linux</tt> and <tt>initrd</tt> lines should reference your kernel versions in <tt>/boot</tt>. As above, use the path <tt>/</tt> instead of <tt>/boot</tt> as the path should be relative to the root of the VFAT filesystem.
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