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Creating Your Own Meta-Repo and Kits

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* {{c|ryzen}} - in these examples, this will be the primary development workstation, which will be used for editing cloned git code as well as generating custom kits. Once generated, the custom meta-repo and kits are pushed up to {{c|repohost}}.
{{Note|When you follow this guide, it is certainly possible to have {{c|repohost}} and {{c|ryzen}} be the same computer. If you set things up this way, simply use {{c|localhost}} instead of {{c|repohost}} in the examples belowall command-line steps and configuration files.}}
{{Important|This document assumes you have basic knowledge of {{c|ssh-keygen}} and how to generate public/private SSH key pairs. If you don't know how to to this, see [[Funtoo Containers#Generating SSH Keys|Generating SSH Keys]] for quick steps or [[OpenSSH Key Management, Part 1]] for a more detailed introduction. For this article, you'll probably want to generate a private keys without a passphrase, which is more convenient but a much greater security risk if the private key gets compromised, or one with a passphrase but using [[keychain]] to manage ssh-agent for you.}}
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