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== [[Another Nice LXD/LXD Installation|PART II - LXD Installation]] Administration Tutorial ==
== [[This section contains another nice LXD/tutorial that can be used to learn more about profiles and other features of LXD Setup|PART III - LXD Setup]] ==.
== Containers, snapshots and images = Terminology ==='''Containers''' in LXD are made of:* A filesystem (rootfs)* A list of configuration options, including resource limits, environment, security options and more* A bunch of devices like disks, character/block unix devices and network interfaces* A set of profiles the container inherits configuration from (see below)* Some properties (container architecture, ephemeral or persistent and the name)* Some runtime state (when using CRIU for checkpoint/restore)
Container '''snapshots''' as the name states snapshots of the container in time and cannot be modified in any way. It is worth noting that because snapshots can store the container runtime state, which gives us ability of “stateful” snapshots. That is, the ability to rollback the container including its cpu and memory state at the time of the snapshot.
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