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Release Notes/1.4-release

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{{Important|These release notes are a work in progress and are not yet done. But will be soon!}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Funtoo Linux 1.4 Release Notes}}
== Upgrading ==
# ##i## epro flavor desktop# ##i## epro mix-in +gnome# ##i## emerge -auDN @world xorg-x11 gnome
Here is what every user should know about {{c|libglvnd}}: it is enabled by default under Funtoo Linux 1.4 and if you set up a graphical environment under Funtoo, it will get emerged automatically and provide the official {{c|}} library that OpenGL-using applications will use. When you type {{c|eselect opengl list}}, your current OpenGL implementation will be listed as {{c|xorg-x11}} even if you are using NVIDIA or other drivers. This is normal and it is no longer necessary to use {{c|eselect opengl}} to swap-out OpenGL implementations the old-fashioned way. {{c|libglvnd}} takes care of all of this for you.
Here is a bit more detail on {[{c|libglvnd}} for those who want to know more details:
{{c|libglvnd}} [ is described by maintainer NVIDIA] as a ''vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors. It allows multiple drivers from different vendors to coexist on the same filesystem, and determines which vendor to dispatch each API call to at runtime.'' That is a mouth-full, but basically what {{c|libglvnd}} offers is a solution to the "one OpenGL library for each type of video card" problem that has existed in Linux for over a decade. Gentoo Linux and Funtoo Linux have handled this problem with the creation of {{c|eselect opengl}}, which has allowed Gentoo and Funtoo users to
video card before you can happily enable {{c|vulkan}} in {{c|USE}}.
==== Container CUDA/OpenGL/GPU acceleration =Technologies ===
* LXC 3.0.4 and LXD 3.14 (most recent upstream stable releases) has been added along with [[LXD|official Funtoo Documentation]].* The necessary ebuilds have been created to support GPU acceleration within both Docker and [[LXD]] containers, allowing users to run OpenGL applications inside containers, among other things.
Along with the addition of {{c|gcc-9.1.1}} come a host of improvements to our language offerings, some of which are listed below:
=== Database Improvements ===* The official version of python3 now supported is {{c|python-3.7.3}}, which includes the addition of python-3.7 compatibility to quite a few ebuilds.* The latest upstream versions of python are now included (3.7.3 as well as 2.7.15).* Ruby has been upgraded to version 2.6.* Go has been updated to 1.12.6.* Google's [ Dart 2.3.2] (with 2.4.0 coming soon) has been added as {{c|dev-lang/dart}}. (Funtoo exclusive). This is a very nice language that has its own compiler as well as a Javascript translator, and is the basis for [ Google's Flutter].* Oracle's Java Runtime environment and development kit has been updated to
Funtoo Linux now offers official Oracle {{c|mysql=== Core-community}} 8 ebuilds. The Oracle ebuilds provide a compelling alternative to {{c|mariadb}} for production database deployments.Server Kit Improvements ===
=== Desktop Improvements ===* {{c|www-servers/nginx}} updated to 1.17.0.* {{c|net-libs/nodejs}} updated to 8.16.0.* Oracle's MySQL Community (Funtoo exclusive) updated to 8.0.16, and [[Package:Mysql-community|documentation updated to be more correct.]]
===Contributors = {{c|xorg-server}} ==== {{c|suid}} USE is now disabled by default in {{c|xorg-server}}, partially in response to [ CVE-2018-14665] and to follow upstream recommended best practice. You will likely need to enable {{c|suid}} for X to start correctly if you are ''not'' using a display manager like {{c|gdm}} or {{c|xdm}}, and instead starting X directly using {{c|xinit}} or {{c|startx}}. This can be done by adding the following line to {{f|/etc/portage/package.use}}, and re-emerging if necessary:
{{file|name=/etc/portage/package.use|body=x11-base/xorg-server suid}} ==== Kit Improvements ==== [[File:Shotcut.png|200px|thumb|Shotcut video editor]] The following improvements have been made to desktop kits: * {{c|xorg-kit}} is now fully forked from Gentoo, and is based around xorg-server 1.20. * {{c|gnome-kit}} is fully forked from Gentoo and now offers a reliable GNOME 3.30 experience without systemd. See [[GNOME First Steps]] for information on how to set up.* Wayland support has been integrated into Funtoo Linux and is available via the {{c|wayland}} mix-in, and is enabled for kde-plasma-5 by default (see below.)* {{c|kde-kit}} now delivers an updated KDE Plasma 5 (5.4.13) experience that, like GNOME 3.30, uses elogind but not systemd.* {{c|xfce-kit}} now delivers a fully-tested XFCE 4.13.* {{c|gfxcard-nvidia}} mix-in created for easy one-step setup of systems with NVIDIA cards for use with proprietary NVIDIA drivers. nvidia-drivers now has uvm is enabled by default.* Video editing improvements: {{c|media-libs/mlt}}, {{c|media-video/shotcut}} new {{c|media-video/flowblade}} ebuild added. {{Note|It is now possible to enable both {{c|gnome}} and {{c|kde-plasma-5}} profiles and have a system that runs both systemd-less GNOME and KDE Plasma. The KDE Plasma profile is currently based on the GNOME profile to ensure compatibility so KDE Plasma-only users will (for now) notice quite a bit of GNOME-related USE flags being enabled. This will be addressed in future releases.}} === Web Site Improvements === * New Funtoo Linux MediaWiki theme.* New even more simplified [[Install/Introduction|Installation Guide]] with a tutorial-style page-by-page navigation style.* Addition of the [[Funtoo CPU Database]] with real-time search capability.* Totally redesigned [[FAQ]] section that allows users to submit their own FAQ questions.* Upgrades made to bug tracker and forums. ===Security fixes ===  There have been numerous security fixes in Funtoo Linux 1.3, with a few notable fixes mentioned below: * net-dns/avahi-0.7-r4 (CVE-2017-6519) addresses a long-standing issue of avahi being remotely exploitable over an IPv6 network.* dev-lang/go-1.10.7, dev-lang/go-1.11.4 (CVE-2018-16873, CVE-2018-16874, CVE-2018-16875)* dev-libs/libxml2-2.9.8-r1 (CVE-2017-8872, CVE-2018-14404, CVE-2018-14567)* app-arch/tar-1.30-r1 (CVE-2018-20482)* mail-client/thunderbird-60.4.0 (* www-client/firefox-64.0 (
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