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Release Notes/1.4-release

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* The necessary ebuilds have been created to support GPU acceleration within both Docker and [[LXD]] containers, allowing users to run OpenGL applications inside containers, among other things.
==== Programming Languages ====
Along with the addition of {{c|gcc-9.1.1}} come a host of improvements to our language offerings, some of which are listed below:
* The official version of python3 now supported is {{c|python-3.7.3}}.* The latest upstream versions of python are now included (3.7.3 as well as 2.7.15).* Ruby has been upgraded to version 2.6.* Go has been updated to 1.12.6.* Google's [ Dart 2.3.2] (with 2.4.0 coming soon) has been added as {{c|dev-lang/dart}}. (Funtoo exclusive). This is a very nice language that has its own compiler as well as a Javascript translator, and is the basis for [ Google's Flutter].* Oracle's Java Runtime environment and development kit has been updated to   NOTE: WORK IN PROGRESS, UPDATES END HERE :) 1.3 RELEASE NOTES FOLLOW. ALSO ADD CONTRIBUTORS SECTION
=== Database Improvements ===
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