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Release Notes/1.4-release

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* Oracle's Java Runtime environment and development kit has been updated to
=== Core-Server Kit Improvements ===
* {{c|www-servers/nginx}} updated to 1.17.0.
* {{c|net-libs/nodejs}} updated to 8.16.0.
* Oracle's MySQL Community (Funtoo exclusive) updated to 8.0.16, and [[Package:Mysql-community|documentation updated to be more correct.]]
=== Database Improvements === Funtoo Linux now offers official Oracle {{c|mysql-community}} 8 ebuilds. The Oracle ebuilds provide a compelling alternative to {{c|mariadb}} for production database deployments. === Desktop Improvements === ==== {{c|xorg-server}} ==== {{c|suid}} USE is now disabled by default in {{c|xorg-server}}, partially in response to [ CVE-2018-14665] and to follow upstream recommended best practice. You will likely need to enable {{c|suid}} for X to start correctly if you are ''not'' using a display manager like {{c|gdm}} or {{c|xdm}}, and instead starting X directly using {{c|xinit}} or {{c|startx}}. This can be done by adding the following line to {{f|/etc/portage/package.use}}, and re-emerging if necessary: {{file|name=/etc/portage/package.use|body=x11-base/xorg-server suid}} ==== Kit Improvements ==== [[File:Shotcut.png|200px|thumb|Shotcut video editor]] The following improvements have been made to desktop kits: * {{c|xorg-kit}} is now fully forked from Gentoo, and is based around xorg-server 1.20. * {{c|gnome-kit}} is fully forked from Gentoo and now offers a reliable GNOME 3.30 experience without systemd. See [[GNOME First Steps]] for information on how to set up.* Wayland support has been integrated into Funtoo Linux and is available via the {{c|wayland}} mix-in, and is enabled for kde-plasma-5 by default (see below.)* {{c|kde-kit}} now delivers an updated KDE Plasma 5 (5.4.13) experience that, like GNOME 3.30, uses elogind but not systemd.* {{c|xfce-kit}} now delivers a fully-tested XFCE 4.13.* {{c|gfxcard-nvidia}} mix-in created for easy one-step setup of systems with NVIDIA cards for use with proprietary NVIDIA drivers. nvidia-drivers now has uvm is enabled by default.* Video editing improvements: {{c|media-libs/mlt}}, {{c|media-video/shotcut}} new {{c|media-video/flowblade}} ebuild added. {{Note|It is now possible to enable both {{c|gnome}} and {{c|kde-plasma-5}} profiles and have a system that runs both systemd-less GNOME and KDE Plasma. The KDE Plasma profile is currently based on the GNOME profile to ensure compatibility so KDE Plasma-only users will (for now) notice quite a bit of GNOME-related USE flags being enabled. This will be addressed in future releases.}} === Web Site Improvements === * New Funtoo Linux MediaWiki theme.* New even more simplified [[Install/Introduction|Installation Guide]] with a tutorial-style page-by-page navigation style.* Addition of the [[Funtoo CPU Database]] with real-time search capability.* Totally redesigned [[FAQ]] section that allows users to submit their own FAQ questions.* Upgrades made to bug tracker and forums. ===Security fixes ===  There have been numerous security fixes in Funtoo Linux 1.3, with a few notable fixes mentioned below: * net-dns/avahi-0.7-r4 (CVE-2017-6519) addresses a long-standing issue of avahi being remotely exploitable over an IPv6 network.* dev-lang/go-1.10.7, dev-lang/go-1.11.4 (CVE-2018-16873, CVE-2018-16874, CVE-2018-16875)* dev-libs/libxml2-2.9.8-r1 (CVE-2017-8872, CVE-2018-14404, CVE-2018-14567)* app-arch/tar-1.30-r1 (CVE-2018-20482)* mail-client/thunderbird-60.4.0 (* www-client/firefox-64.0 (
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