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'''Technology should be fun, powerful and free.''' Funtoo is a community of people who are dedicated to creating a supportive environment for learning about and using free software, led by [[User:Drobbins|Daniel Robbins.]] Funtoo projects are listed below.
<div class="inverted">{{Install|Funtoo Linux}} ([ distrowatch]) is a ''community-developed'' Linuxmeta-distribution based operating system that is a variant of upon [ Gentoo Linux]. Funtoo Linux is a meta-distribution that builds packages automatically from source code. Installation images are optimized for the best possible performance on the latest Intel and AMD hardware. [[Subarches|See what we support.]]  If you use Funtoo Linux, you are welcome to contribute to its development via [] without going through any special procedure or complicated approval process. See [[Development Guide]] for more information on how to contribute to Funtoo. We also have [ YouTube video tutorials] to help you get started.  '''{{Install}} / [[Subarches|Download]] / '''[[Funtoo Linux FAQ|FAQ]]''' / [[Metro]]'''</div>
<div class="inverted">[[Funtoo Compute Initiative]] is an active Funtoo and container-based compute infrastructure that our community members use and which hosts Funtoo projects. It is a DIY-style initiative with full documentation, designed to allow you to deploy extremely powerful compute infrastructures at very low cost, using new or used server hardware. You can use our compute resources or roll your own.
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