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Changing VIDEO_CARDS Settings
{{Important|It's generally best to use the mix-ins listed below to manage graphics settings, rather than modifying {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} directly!}}
The following mix-ins are available for your use, and support can be enabled as follows, assuming you have either {{c|x11-base/xorg-server}} or {{c|x11-base/xorg-drivers}} already installed on your system:
;{{c|gfxcard-nvidia}}: Use this to enable support for proprietary NVIDIA drivers. You will also need to {{c|emerge nvidia-kernel-modules}} and blacklist {{c|nouveau}}. See [[Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers|this documentation]] for more details.
;{{c|gfxcard-nouveau}}: Use this mix-in to enable support for Open Source nouveau drivers.
{{Note|Reconfiguration of your {{c|/etc/X11/xorg.conf}} and/or rebooting may be required after enabling new graphics support.}}
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