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Funtoo Differences
== Funtoo Differences ==
Starting with Funtoo Linux 1.4, {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} settings work a bit differently than in Gentoo and these differences are documented here. The design philosophy for the use of {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} is to have each atom in the string map to a single specific graphics driver or capability. So, rather than have {{c|1=USE="gallium"}} {{c|1=VIDEO_CARDS="nouveau"}} to enable the {{c|nouveau}} driver with Gallium backend, Funtoo specifies just {{c|1=VIDEO_CARDS="gallium-nouveau"}}. This turns out to be useful in practice since there are DRI and Gallium {{c|nouveau}} and {{c|nouveau-gallium}} drivers that can now be set independently.
The Funtoo {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} flags are designed to have a consistent format. If just a graphics driver is listed, such as {{c|i965}}, then it is an X-based DRI driver. Drivers that use the new [[Gallium]] driver architecture are in the format {{c|gallium-<driver>}} such as {{c|gallium-radeonsi}}. In addition, any optional framework is listed as a prefix, such as {{c|vulkan-i965}} for optional DRI-based Vulkan support for {{c|i965}}+ Intel cards.
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