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{{Subpages|Mix-ins,DRI vs. Gallium vs. NVIDIA,Understanding What's Available,Daniel's Simple Hybrid Graphics,NVIDIA and Nouveau Driver Switching}} {{Note|If you are simply looking for quick information on how to configure your system, see [[#Changing VIDEO_CARDS Settings|Changing VIDEO_CARDS Settings]] below.}}
The {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} [[make.conf]] setting is used to define what graphics support is enabled on your system. This graphics support can include a combination of ''kernel drivers'' and ''user-space libraries'' that as a whole provide graphics capability for your system. This Portage variable is generally used only by packages that directly implement graphics support, such as {{c|media-libs/mesa}} and a few others. Typically, {{c|VIDEO_CARDS}} settings are "stacked", which means that multiple related flags are specified, typically enabling various parts of the graphics stack that work together. Here are some useful examples:
<div style="background-color: #eeefe3; border-radius: 8px; padding: 10px;">=== Funtoo Graphics {{/Mix-Ins ===ins}}
;{{c|gfxcard-intel}}: This mix-in enables all DRI-based Intel integrated graphics, including support for Vulkan and video acceleration where available.;{{c|gfxcard-amdgpu}}: This mix-in enables support for modern Radeon cards, including Vulkan and video acceleration where available.;{{c|gfxcard-older-ati}}: Use this mix-in to enable support for older R100 and R200-series Radeon cards.;{{c|gfxcard-nvidia}}: Use this to enable support for proprietary NVIDIA drivers. You will also need to {{c|emerge nvidia-kernel-modules}}, blacklist {{c|nouveau}} and add yourself to the {{c|video}} group. See [[Package:NVIDIA_Linux_Display_Drivers|this documentation]] for more details.;{{c|gfxcard-nouveau}}: Use this mix-in to enable support for Open Source nouveau drivers.</div>Please note that it is possible to combine these mix-ins as well, so if you have hybrid graphics on your laptop and want to be able to use have Intel and NVIDIA graphics installedand switch between them using the BIOS, this will work. Note that additional setup is required to switch between them seamlessly via a simple BIOS change, this will at least get all the necessary bits installed:
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