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Install Guide: Bootloader
Next, edit {{c|/etc/boot.conf}} using {{c|nano}} and specify "{{c|Funtoo Linux genkernel}}" as the {{c|default}} setting at the top of the file, replacing {{c|"Funtoo Linux"}}. Also, if you're not using memtest86+ remove the entry in boot.conf to avoid errors.
== boot.conf Configuration ==
Most users, particularly those who plan on setting up a graphical environment, will want to remove {{c|nomodeset}} from {{c|params}} in {{f|/etc/make.conf}}. This option is in {{c|/etc/boot.conf}} by default because it ensures that the initial console login prompt will appear for all users upon reboot, regardless of graphics card (some graphics cards have issues with kernel mode setting which results in a blank screen after reboot.)
{{Important|Linux kernel video graphics "mode setting capability" ''is required'' for all graphics drivers except for the proprietary NVIDIA drivers. So most users will want to ''remove'' the {{c|nomodeset}} option from {{c|params}} prior to setting up their graphical environment!}}
{{c|/etc/boot.conf}} should now look like this:
"Funtoo Linux" {
kernel bzImage[-v]
"Funtoo Linux genkernel" {
kernel kernel[-v]
params += real_root=auto rootfstype=auto nomodeset
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