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boot.conf Configuration
However, essentially all graphics drivers (the big exception being the proprietary NVIDIA drivers) ''require'' mode setting to be enabled. So while {{c|nomodeset}} is a good option to get the initial system up and running, most users are encouraged to remove it before they set up X or Wayland.
{{Important|Make a mental note -- while {{c|nomodeset}} is a safe option for now, most users will want to ''remove'' the {{c|nomodeset}} option from {{c|params}} prior to setting up their graphical environment! . But it's generally OK to keep it enabled until Funtoo Linux is fully installed and you have performed your inital initial reboot into your new system. When it is time to remove this option, simply edit {{c|/etc/boot.conf}}, remove the option, and run {{c|ego boot update}} to update your boot configuration.}}
{{c|/etc/boot.conf}} should now look like this:
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