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Funtoo Compute Initiative

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{{NoteWarning|1=This page documents our firstis in need of updates. See [[LXD]] for a more up-generation compute infrastructure. Our secondto-generation compute infrastructure has not yet been documented date page on containers on the wikiFuntoo.}}
For many years, the Funtoo project has been using Funtoo Linux for its entire infrastructure. A few years ago, we began to allow Funtoo Linux users to use our original [ OpenVZ container-based] infrastructure for hosting, development and other projects. For our second-generation compute infrastructure, we utilized LXD and ZFS and explored the use of Intel Optane. Our third-generation infrastructure now uses LXD combined with a hybrid BTRFS sotrage solution. If you would like to to learn about how to get a container on our infrastructure, please see [[Funtoo Hosting]].
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