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boot.conf Configuration
Disabling mode setting is therefore a good, safe option for initial installs of Funtoo Linux.
However, essentially all graphics drivers (the big exception being the proprietary NVIDIA drivers) ''require'' mode setting to be enabled. So while {{c|nomodeset}} is a good option to get the initial system up and running, most users ''will need to remove it'', run {{c|ego boot update}} and reboot before they set up X or Wayland. Otherwise, X will not be able to initialize the display.
{{Important|Make a mental note -- most users will want to ''remove'' the {{c|nomodeset}} option from {{c|params}} prior to setting up their graphical environment. It is included in the initial install to ensure that virtually all systems boot up with a readable console. '''But all graphics drivers (with the one exception of the proprietary NVIDIA drivers) REQUIRE mode setting to be ''enabled'', and thus the {{c|nomodeset}} option ''must be removed'' prior to setting up a graphical environment or X will not start.''' Remember to run {{c|ego boot update}} after removing the option, and then reboot prior to configuring X. Also note that if you are using a 4K or higher resolution display, your console text may become very small after enabling kernel mode setting.}}
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