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== Ways You Can Support Funtoo ==
There are a number of ways you can support Funtoo Linux financially:.
* [[Funtoo Hosting|Sign up for a Funtoo Linux Container]] (most popular)* Monthly Recurring Donation via Credit Cardor PayPal
* PayPal One-Time Donation (via PayPal Account or Credit Card)
* Bitcoin One-Time Donation
* [[Litecoin Mining for Funtoo]]
The different donation options can be found below:=== Monthly Recurring Support via Credit Card or PayPal ===
=== Monthly Recurring Donation via We use ChargeBee (with support for Credit Card ===and PayPal) for processing monthly support. Consider signing up for $15/mo or more on this page to [[Funtoo Hosting|request a Funtoo Linux Container]]. You can also specify a specific recurring donation amount, below:
=== PayPal One-Time Donation (via PayPal Account or Credit Card) ===
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=== Bitcoin One-Time Donation ===
We also accept bitcoin via You can access the Bitcoin page here:
{{#widget:DonateBitcoin|blurb=Use Bitcoin to support Funtoo.}}__NOTITLE____NOEDITSECTION__
__NOTITLE__== Policies == {{Policies}}
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