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As you can see, we chose all the default ''except'' for:;storage pool: We opted for using a directory-based container storage rather than [[Special:MyLanguage/btrfs|btrfs]] volumes. Directory-based may be the default option during LXD configuration -- it depends if you have btrfs-tools installedor not.;IPv6 address: It is recommended you turn this off unless you are specifically wanting to play with IPv6 in your containers. It may cause {{c|dhcpcd }} in your container to only retrieve an IPv6 address if you leave it enabled. This is great if you have IPv6 working -- otherwise, you'll get a dud IPv6 address and no IPv4 address, and thus no network.
{{Warning|As explained above, turn off IPv6 NAT in LXD unless you specifically intend to use it! It can confuse {{c|dhcpcd}}.}}
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