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;AWS Images: We now offer direct deployment of [ Funtoo Linux in Amazon Web Services]. This is a useful option for those who wish to take advantage of AWS or deploy Funtoo Linux automatically. [[Amazon EC2 Launch|A tutorial-style guide on how to use AWS with Funtoo is available.]]
;Running Steam: We have new wiki documentation related to setting up the recently released official [[LXDSteam|Steam Docker images]] container management solution that are supported by Funtoo and are the officially-supported way to run things such as [[Wikipedia:Steam (software)|Steam]]on Funtoo. See  ;Containers: [[LXD]] and container management as well as Docker is officially supported. Please see [[LXD/GPU_AccelerationChroot and Containers]] for more informationan incomplete but growing list of container technologies available, along with links to further documentation.
;New Fchroot Tool: Our new [ fchroot tool] is now available to allow you to run ARM and RISCV environments on PC-compatible hardware. This is a very effective tool for accelerating building of large pieces of software on resource-constrained ARM systems. See the [ page], [[Frankenchroot]] and [[Frankenchroot/Live_NFS_Frankenchroot]] for set-up information.

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