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In this moment you should have a working repository and '''SSH/FTP''' server with '''/etc/entropy/server.conf''' pointed to it. Start learning the commands also.If you look into '''/etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/''' there's the repositories location with all the ''entropy_*'' files. You can take that example in order to put your own repository for client use.
All demo in: ( public permanent pastebin )
==Useful and important Tips and Tricks==
As foretold, Entropy does not recognize Portage installs unless you do a little step. There's a slight trick here on how to make Entropy keep your emerged package with your options. First, emerge a package, any package, then run the command:
equo rescue spmsync --ask
( Accept but be careful, it sometimes takes something that you do not want )
This command will make Entropy aware that you installed/compiled something with Portage, but Entropy will still try to upgrade it and return it to the generic entropy repository one. Therefor, you must change the entropy '''client.conf''' from file '''/etc/entropy/client.conf''':
ignore-spm-downgrades = '''enable''' < keep this ''enabled''
After this, '''equo update''' should do the trick and '''equo ugprade''' will not try to overwrite your portage emerged packages.
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