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Kit-fixups/Package Sets and Move Maps

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== Package Sets ==
'''Package sets''' define which catpkgs go in which kits. The package set files are located at {{c|kit-fixups/package-sets}}. They can either consist of a single file named {{c|(kit)-packages}} or a directory with the same name. In the case of a directory, all of the files inside the directory are concatenated and used as a package set.
=== Package Set Format ===
Package sets are a text-based format that consist of one catpkg entry per line. Let's look at the various types of package sets entries:
catpkgs in the skip list -- no patterns or other special matches are supported.}}
==== Inline Package Moves ====
{{Note|The "literal with move" option is a new feature, described below.}}
If the old package name is found, it will be copied over as the new name. If the old name is not found, but the new name is found, the new name will be copied over as the new name. So either the old name or the new name, if found, will be copied over.
===== Move-Maps =====
You can also specify package moves by creating a file called {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/kitname}} containing the same "literal with move" syntax. Global move maps can be placed in {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/global}}. Also note that {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/nokit}} or {{f|kit-fixups/move-maps/global}} is the only way to perform funtoo package moves for nokit. I recommend using the "global" method since it will still automatically work if someone else moves your package into a kit.
{{Important|Package moves give you the ability to rename catpkgs as they appear in kits. We still need to add functionality to provide this data to Portage so that it can update any package database entries for packages installed under the old name. This part is not done yet, so this is considered a testing-only feature for the time being and should only be used on local kit-fixups overlays for testing, not in our official kit-fixups repo yet.}}
=== Package Sets -- Putting It All Together ===
Here are some important facts about package sets:
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