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FLOP:CVE Monitoring

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This is currently pre-release code. is coming.
== Summary ==
Ultimately, not all ebuilds are created equal. Hence they are updated at different rates according to their popularity in the tree of available packages and this is generally fine: packages with a lot of use get updated frequently, and vulnerabilities are generally dealt with. Unpopular ebuilds can languish, and no one really cares. However, unpopular ebuilds with a significant vulnerability should be updated, popular or not, as they represent a potential vector for attack, if they can be installed.
Identifying ebuilds with an associated CVE will bring them to 'head of the queue' for pull requests and updates, which should often be trivial, as the vulnerability is dealt with upstream and released as a new hotfix version. Or, we can fork and provide our own mitigation, merging with upstream again when a new release comes out (if at all).

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