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Rootfs over encrypted lvm

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better-initramfs: remove quiet, let us see what is going on.....
{{warning| below may be dangerous to your system}}
==== better-initramfs boot.conf ====
An example <code>/etc/boot.conf</code> for better-initramfs:
"Funtoo Linux" {
kernel vmlinuz[-v]
initrd /initramfs.cpio.gz[-v] params += enc_root=/dev/sda3 PARTLABEL=FUNTOO lvm luks root=/dev/mapper/vg-root rootfstype=ext4 auto resume=swap:/dev/mapper/vg-swap quiet
Now, run <code>ego boot-update</code> to write the configuration files to <code>/boot/grub/grub.cfg</code>
==== genkernel ====

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