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Funtoo Changes
== Funtoo Changes ==
Ruby-kit {{c|2.7-prime}} has a number of important Funtoo changes which are documented here.The Ruby versions available are: * Funtoo System Preferred: {{c|ruby-2.7}}* Funtoo System Stable: {{c|ruby-2.6}}* Available for developer use with local gems if desired: {{c|ruby-3.0}} 
The {{c|ruby-*.eclass}} eclasses have been forked and are stored in our {{c|kit-fixups}} repository, in {{c|core-kit/curated/eclasses}}, so they will end up on end-user systems inside Core-kit and will be available to all kits.
* {{c|ruby-single.eclass}}
* {{c|ruby-utils.eclass}}
The eclass changes, taken as a whole, allow Funtoo to set the Ruby implementation(s) active
in Funtoo more easily. Traditionally, in Gentoo, Ruby implementations are set based on {{c|RUBY_TARGETS}}, which is defined in the profiles and set to something like this:
RUBY_TARGETS="ruby27 ruby26"
In addition, Ruby-using ebuilds that leverage the Ruby eclasses will set something like this:
USE_RUBY="ruby25 ruby26 ruby27 ruby30"
The Funtoo changes cause the {{c|USE_RUBY}} settings in ebuilds to be more aggressively ''masked'' based on the Funtoo OS settings for {{c|RUBY_TARGETS}}. In addition, if our more aggressive masking causes a Ruby module or package to not have any valid Ruby implementations, a "backup" typically safe Ruby implementation will be enabled automatically.
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